Divorcing a narcissist

5 Tips for Divorcing a Narcissist

Any divorce can easily become complex and difficult. However, dealing with the specifics of divorce when one member of the party is a narcissist can make the divorce process a true nightmare for the opposing spouse involved.

Narcissism is a disorder that is formed by a combination of nature and nurture. A narcissist is someone who has an extremely inflated sense of self and truly believes they can do no wrong. Living with a narcissistic personality can be hard enough on a spouse, but imagine the difficulties faced with the possibility of court on the table.

Here are five tips for getting through a divorce that’s been hijacked by a narcissistic spouse.

1.  Try to Keep Their Words Against You Impersonal

Keep in mind that the narcissist is always in it to win it. When it comes to issues like child custody or property division, your soon-to-be-ex will aim to game the system through a dangerous mix of charm and (most likely) false accusations.

At the risk of ruining plans for the divorce outcome you’re hoping for, our recommendation is to remember that their words are most likely false, and with the actual evidence on your side, the courts are likely to shine on you in favor.

2.  Keep Your Family Law Attorney in the Loop

The conflict that stems from divorce will likely force a narcissist to bare their true colors. However, these traits may not always be at the forefront of your ex’s presentation.

Talk with your lawyer. Let them know about instances where your ex has been proven to be narcissistic and alert them of your patterns. With an experienced Fort Worth divorce lawyer, you’ll likely have a member on your team that’s dealt with this personality before. By keeping your lawyer in the know, you’ll be able to craft an excellent legal strategy that overcomes any hurdles placed in your way.

3.  Beat Them at Their Own Game with the Truth

In other words, document everything! Make copies of all of your marriage’s important documents. In the case that you do go to court and your ex starts lying about documented issues, your evidence could easily sway a judge to being in your favor.

4.  Have Your Finances in Order

No, we aren’t just talking about getting financial paperwork together, While that’s also extremely important, be prepared to enter this fight with funds on hand. A legal battle against a narcissist can be long, drawn-out, and expensive. We recommend having your finances prepared, credit cleaned up, and the ability to comfortably set yourself up for life after your divorce.

5.  Create a Divorce Team Beyond Family Law Attorneys

Even if your divorce doesn’t involve a narcissist, if you and your ex can’t agree on basic negotiations, you may need a larger team behind you aside from your family law representation. If you feel like you need more help from your divorce team, ask your lawyer about any financial experts or therapists they work with who could help back you up in court and during negotiations.

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