Halloween After a Divorce

5 Tips for Trick or Treating After Divorce

October is wrapping up and that means a night of trick or treating is on the horizon for newly divorced parents. If you and your ex-spouse have implemented child custody in your divorce decree, now is the perfect time to start rehearsing for future holidays.

While your family adjusts to the changes of divorce, make sure the Halloween spirit doesn’t dim with these five trick or treating tips for newly divorced parents.

A New Divorce can be Complicated; Plan Ahead With Your Ex

After divorce, planning ahead is crucial. If you and your kids want to go trick or treating and the plans don’t coincide with your visitation agreement, talking with your ex is essential.

If you and your ex-spouse can make changes to the schedule for the kids, this will be a great start to your co-parenting plan. Whatever you do, don’t put your kids in the middle by turning their night of fun into an argument.

Split the Holiday if Need Be

Sometimes kids want to be with both parents and the emotions behind divorce are simply too strong for a joint celebration. If that’s the case, make plans with the kids outside of the actual Halloween date. 

During regular visitation schedules, plan to take your children out to community Halloween events like:

  • Church fall festivals
  • Costume contests
  • Pumpkin patches

At least one of you will be scheduled to take the kids out trick or treating, so much like other holidays, you can plan for alternating celebrations from year-to-year.

Send a Positive Message By Getting Together

If you went through an agreed divorce and can still be amicable with your ex, make Halloween a statement of unity for your children. Put the focus on their fun and trick or treat as a family for a couple of hours.

Even if this move is a little tough for both of you, your kids will see this as a display of your parental love.

Map Out a New Neighborhood

When parents get divorced, the end result is usually a move to a new neighborhood. If you’ve moved away and this is your first Halloween in your current location, take this time to get to know your neighborhood.

Ask around about the best places to trick or treat and create a plan for you and your children, ensuring their safety and fun.

Let Your Kids Know It’s Okay!

If you can’t be together with your kids this Halloween, make plans to enjoy yourself for the night. Above all, let your children know that you know they love you and it’s fine that they aren’t going to be with you during this holiday. Even if you know you’ll be lonely, don’t put it on display and put a damper on their night. Let them know you’re ready to have a great time that night and they should too!

Need Holiday Co-Parenting Tips? The Nilsson Legal Group can Help

Co-parenting during the holidays isn’t easy directly after a divorce. If you and your soon-to-be-ex have questions about how to approach child custody agreements and other divorce issues involving your children, the family law attorneys at the Nilsson Legal Group are ready to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our family law experts.