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Nilsson Legal Group Fights for Fathers Rights

A divorce in Fort Worth involving children can quickly lead to a custody battle where both parents want quality time with their children.


While the courts try to remain fair and always put the child’s needs first in any decision, many fathers feel the odds are stacked against them, as mothers are often granted primary physical custody. In fact, just 20% of fathers are granted full custody according to the most recent US Census data. However, not every situation is black and white, and our divorce lawyers know this.


Having Spencer Nilsson, an experienced family lawyer, on your side can help ensure your rights as a father are protected.


Nilsson navigates the family court system to advocate for fathers’ rights using advanced negotiation tactics and providing the courts with documentation that can prove your ability to provide the highest quality of life for your children.


Nilsson Knows Challenges Fathers Face in Divorce Court

Spencer Nilsson understands the challenges fathers face in securing fair custody agreements. Since 2013, the family attorneys of Nilsson Legal Group have successfully represented fathers seeking shared or primary custody of their children.


If you are a father embroiled in a custody dispute, our Fort Worth fathers rights lawyer provides experienced and strategic representation.


We thoroughly examine your case and help determine the best course of action. When approaching your case, we can advise you on your legal rights and the custody laws in Fort Worth. We’ll work closely with you to help prove you have the best interests of your children at heart.


We represent fathers in mediation sessions to negotiate fair custody arrangements. We will stand firm in advocating for appropriate parent time and decision-making authority.


Our team will work with you to gather evidence and documentation to demonstrate your involvement in your children’s lives. We firmly understand that proof of active parenting can influence custody determinations.


If your case calls for expert witnesses, we have professional connections throughout Fort Worth that can help with custody evaluations and testify on your behalf. After all, a psychologist’s testimony could be pivotal to the result of a judge’s final decision.


A Track Record of Great Custody Cases for Fathers

We have successfully represented many, desperate fathers in Fort Worth seeking custody in contentious divorce and parentage cases.


Many of the men we have worked with openly share their experience working with Nilsson in online reviews.


What Fathers Say About Nilsson


“It was money well spent! Spencer Nilsson kept me informed of changes, dates and schedules concerning my case. He understood my feelings and my desires in my case as he sought them out with court system prevailing and preserving my God-given freedoms as a father. Someone in my corner! Thank you, Nilsson Legal. I highy recommend!!!”

– D. Barnes


We understand the feelings and personal desire to be a great father and are here to help you exercise your freedom as a parent navigating the Texas court system.


“If you want great results in your custody case, then look no further. Spencer is hands down the best Fathers rights lawyer in DFW. My husband went from supervised visitation to Full-Custody of his daughter. Prices are also very reasonable for very great quality work, and his attention to detail is immaculate!”
-T. Kent


Our reviews show that we bring excellent results to our custody cases involving father representation. We are the best father rights lawyers in Fort Worth and, under the right circumstances, can turn a supervised visitation situation into full custody!


Protecting Father’s Rights

If you are a father seeking fair custody arrangements, do not go into court alone. Contact Nilsson Legal Group today to schedule a free consultation.


We have the experience, skills, and advocacy abilities to fight for your custody rights as a father. Call us now at (817) 953-6688.  Our law office is located in downtown Fort Worth at 930 W 1st St. near the intersection of North Henderson St. and Forest Park Blvd.  We look forward to serving you.

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