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The days when child custody was simply awarded to the mother under the belief that a mother had the best child-rearing skills are long gone. Today, the law does not favor one parent over the other. If you are a mother or father looking for a child custody lawyer in Fort Worth to sue for custody, schedule a free consultation to find out if our child custody lawyers are right for you.

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Joint Child Custody

Deciding the custodial arrangements for children is not an issue that is resolved quickly. A court typically begins its assessment with an examination of the status quo and looks at how the parties have been operating on their own. If both parents have been equally involved in the raising of the children by playing an active role in their lives, then there is probably a good chance that the situation is an appropriate one for joint physical custody. In fact, the Texas legislature has made it presumably in the child’s best interest to appoint both parents as Joint Managing Conservators.


Child Custody Laws in Fort Worth, TX

When considering the options that are presented, a Texas court considers several factors including:

  • Arrangements within the family in the past
  • The positive effects and drawbacks of each proposed custody arrangement
  • If the child is old enough, the wishes of the child
  • Any history of domestic violence or drug abuse


Child Custody Mediation

When custody is unresolved between the parties, the courts usually require the spouses to attend child custody mediation. The Mediator is charged with examining the situation and learning more about the relationships and synergy of the family in order to facilitate the parties in coming up with a mutually agreeable solution to any outstanding issues.


If parents cannot resolve the issues of custody by themselves or through some phase of the mediation process, the parties always have the right to have a hearing of the issues before the court. However, if the parties cannot agree on an arrangement for their children, custody litigation can be a long, complicated, and expensive process that can serve to increase the acrimony between the parties.


When the future of your children is at stake, you need to have a child custody lawyer in Fort Worth with the experience to navigate the process and bring the important considerations to light.


What Clients Say

Our reviews explain what it is like working with our child custody lawyers in Fort Worth:


Favorable Custody Outcomes in Fort Worth:

Clients highlight that Spencer Nilsson was able to achieve very favorable custody outcomes for fathers, including gaining primary or full child custody in contested cases.


Preparation and Courtroom Performance for Custody Trials:

Spencer’s thorough preparation, confidence, and persuasiveness during child custody trials leads to positive results for his clients.


Knowledge and Experience with Tarrant County Custody Cases:

Clients report that our child custody lawyers in Fort Worth are very knowledgeable about custody law and have extensive experience handling child custody cases in Tarrant County.


Caring Approach to Child Custody Cases:

Reviewers describe child custody lawyer, Spencer Nilsson, as caring and taking time to understand the child custody issues his clients are facing.

Child Custody FAQs

Do I need a lawyer for child custody?

Hiring a lawyer for a child custody situation is paramount because even if you and your ex-spouse go into the process feeling like it’s a clean-cut case, the truth is often quite different.


Tensions can get high during child custody decisions and the complexity of the situation mixed with the amount of conflict you and your ex-spouse bring out in each other, means getting a lawyer for child custody is the best decision you can make.


At Nilsson Legal Group, we help clients seeking divorce in Fort Worth to navigate the legal system and understand their rights and responsibilities during a child custody battle.


Trust our experienced team to provide you with legal guidance throughout the course of the process. We’ll help you file initial paperwork, negotiate co-parenting agreements, and represent you in court if it comes to that.


We offer objective advice that ultimately helps you make the right decisions for your children when emotions may be high, and it’s easy to make a snap decision with a long-lasting, negative impact.


We put your children first and ensure we protect you and your family’s legal rights throughout the process.


From building a solid case that proves you’re a responsible parent to ensuring your protection against harassment from your ex, our legal team has your back!

When is child custody decided in Texas?

While the legal battle for child custody may be lengthy, the final decision comes down to two situations. Suppose the courts review your case, proof, and determine a permanent solution you’ve agreed upon. In that case, you can expect your answer in the final divorce decree.


However, if your case involves a Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR), a judge makes all final decisions in the form of orders surrounding custody, visitation, and child support.

Do you pay child support with joint custody?

Although joint custody, or 50/50 custody is the best possible outcome for a family in a child custody battle, Texas law states there isn’t a way to lower your child support payments from the amount ordered from the courts.

In fact, joint custody bases child support more equally as far as expenses go, unless specific conditions prevent one parent from being able to pay. In these rare situations, you’ll have to take your concerns up with the court for a formal decision.

How to win child custody for fathers?

In any child custody case, the final goal is to make the best decision for the children involved. This means that no one parent gets preference in the process.


Suppose you’re a father that needs to win a child custody case. In that case, aside from reaching out to our firm, which has helped several fathers gain custody, we suggest taking an active role in your parental duties and behaving responsibly when you’re outside of your visitation times.


As a bonus, remain cordial with your ex in court and ask for a formal in-home evaluation as a way to put your best foot forward as a responsible parent.

What happens to custody when a child turns 18?

Your child support duties end when your child turns 18 (so long as you’ve paid faithfully and in full every month). Likewise, your child has the freedom to choose where they live. So, any court-ordered visitation rights or living situations are terminated upon the child’s 18th birthday.

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