Marital Estate Valuation Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

The full disclosure of assets and proper valuation of the marital estate are important in all divorce cases, but especially in cases involving multiple, complex assets. At the Nilsson Legal Group, our attorneys work with qualified CPAs, financial planners, business valuation experts, tax professionals, and forensic economists to ascertain the proper valuation of:

  • Restricted stock awards
  • Commercial property assets
  • Business or personal investments
  • Tangible and intangible (goodwill) business assets
  • Active and passive appreciation of investments
  • Compensation packages and pensions unique to executives
  • Inheritances obtained during the marriage

We then work closely with clients in negotiating complex property division agreements and spousal maintenance and alimony that protect their individual assets and minimize potential tax liabilities or impact on your credit. We provide the utmost discretion in all aspects of our representation, whether clients are involved in negotiation, mediation or divorce litigation.

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