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Working With Your Fort Worth Custody Lawyer to Modify Child Custody

Making the decision to modify an existing child custody agreement is never easy. As a parent, you always want what is best for your child, but you also don't want to unnecessarily disrupt their life or create conflict with your co-parent.


However, circumstances sometimes change, or the original custody order is no longer working. If you have determined it's time to revisit the custody arrangement, there are steps you can take with a Fort Worth custody lawyer to do so constructively.


Consulting with a Fort Worth Custody Lawyer

If you know your children are in a situation where emergency custody or a custody change is necessary, the first step is to meet with an experienced Fort Worth, Texas custody attorney.


Custody disputes can become complex legal matters, so having professional guidance is highly recommended.


When looking for an custody lawyer in Fort Worth, reach out to Nilsson Legal Group. Our lawyers have extensive experience in family law and custody cases. We put our clients first and always ensure you feel comfortable communicating openly with our team.

During your initial free consultation with our team, explain your situation and reasons for wanting to modify custody. Provide documentation such as your current legal custody agreement, records showing issues with the current arrangement, and anything else relevant to your case.


Be open about what an ideal new arrangement would look like from your perspective.


Determining if There are Legal Grounds for Modification

Listen closely as your custody lawyer explains the legal grounds needed for a judge to consider changing custody. In most states, you must prove that a significant change in circumstances has occurred since the current agreement was made.


Examples could include someone wanting to move far away, issues with childcare, problems with compliance by one parent, or other major life changes.


We can review your particular situation and give our professional opinion on whether you have sufficient grounds to request a custody modification at this time.


Negotiating with the Other Parent

Ideally, you can reach a new custody agreement with your co-parent through direct negotiation and avoid going to court. Your attorney can help craft a proposed parenting plan you both agree on. Effective negotiation requires understanding your ex's perspective, focusing on mutual goals like the child's wellbeing, and seeking fair compromises.

However, not all cases can be resolved through agreement alone. If your co-parent absolutely refuses to consider changing the custody arrangement, won't compromise, or negotiations break down, our attorneys can advise you on the next steps. This may involve filing paperwork to request a hearing before a judge.

Preparing for a Custody Hearing

If you and your co-parent cannot agree and asking the court to decide is necessary, your Fort Worth custody lawyer will help you build the strongest case possible. This includes gathering evidence and documents, lining up witnesses, putting together arguments and testimony to present before the judge, and more.


Some useful information for custody hearings includes school records, medical reports, statements from teachers or doctors, records of any services the child has received, and detailed accounts of issues under the current agreement. Also, be prepared to speak about your employment, living situation, relationship with your child, and any other relevant factors.


From there, our attorneys will know exactly how to present persuasive evidence and arguments in court.  Call the Nilsson Legal Group to schedule your free consultation at (817) 953-6688.

Tips for Working Constructively with Your Lawyer

Going through custody disputes can be emotional, frustrating, and extremely stressful. Having an attorney guide you through the complex legal process makes a challenging situation far more manageable.


When it comes to modifying custody, we suggest following these tips for working constructively with your lawyer in order to bring you closer to your best possible outcome.

Be Organized and Prompt

Attorneys have many cases and represent many clients. We want to optimize the time we have with each client. You can make our job easier by being organized and prompt.


Provide the requested documents as soon as possible. Arrive early for meetings. Respond promptly to calls and emails so we can work efficiently.

Communicate Openly

Don't hold back details about your situation, even embarrassing or negative facts. We need a complete picture of you and your co-parent’s situation to build the strongest case. Be candid when answering our questions. If you are unsure about any advice we bring to the table, ask for clarification rather than avoiding the issue.

Be Realistic

Understand that the family court system must balance the rights of both parents. Be realistic about the custody arrangement you may get. Seek compromise where possible. Listen if your attorney explains why your desired outcome may be unlikely or unreasonable legally.

Put Children First

By picking the right Fort Worth custody lawyer and working cooperatively with them, you can improve the odds of reaching a reasonable custody agreement, even if an agreement fails after the fact. At Nilsson Legal Group, we understand that conflicts over child custody are difficult. Our Fort Worth custody lawyers are prepared to offer professional legal advice that can help you protect your relationship with your child and advocate effectively for their needs.


In divorce agreements, your children come first. If you’ve gone through a divorce and are experiencing custodial bumps in the road, call Nilsson Legal Group today. Schedule your free consultation today.

Middle of Divorce New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for Those in the Middle of a Divorce

Now that we’re in a new year, many people are through with the holidays and ready to move forward with the divorce process they’ve delayed over the past month.

Although we can say that divorce is never a great experience to go through, there are some resolutions people in the middle of the process can take to best get to the final divorce decree unscathed.
Fighting over money

How to Deal with an Ex Who Owes Child Support

If your ex-spouse is behind on child support payments, it can be an incredibly stressful and frustrating situation. Not receiving owed child support can put a major financial strain on the household with primary child custody. It can also breed resentment and negatively impact your ability to co-parent effectively.

When a co-parent owes substantial back child support, it’s important to address the issue productively. Here are some tips for how to deal with an ex who isn’t making the required child support payments in Fort Worth, Texas.

Understand the Reasons

It’s frustrating to be in this situation, but before tackling the issue with a Fort Worth divorce lawyer, try to understand why your co-parent has accrued child support debt.


Did they lose their job or experience a significant drop in income? Do they have an undiagnosed mental health issue like depression that makes it difficult to keep up with payments? Are they spending money irresponsibly?


Knowing the root cause can help you figure out the most effective solutions. If it’s a temporary loss of income, you may be able to work out a modified payment plan. Counseling or financial education classes could help if something like reckless spending is the issue.

Communicate Calmly

When initiating the conversation about back child support, keeping emotions in check is essential. After a divorce, feelings can remain tense, and this situation rarely eases that tension.

An accusatory or angry tone will likely make your co-parent defensive. Instead, calmly explain your concerns about the missed payments and how it’s impacting your household. Share how much is owed and ask if there are any hardships preventing them from paying.


Listen to their reasons without judgment and acknowledge any legitimate challenges they face. You're more likely to make progress with a two-way dialogue instead of a confrontation.

Draft a Formal Agreement

Work together to outline an affordable payment plan that addresses the arrears, even if it’s just $50 monthly. Get the agreement in writing or submit it to the court to formalize it. This creates accountability for your ex to start tackling what’s owed.


If their income has decreased substantially, they can petition the courts to lower the monthly payment amount. The formal legal process can take time, so a written side agreement keeps some payments coming in the interim.

Find Compromises

If your co-parent is still struggling after establishing a payment plan, discuss compromises. Could they provide needed items like clothes, school supplies or groceries instead of cash that month? Are they able to watch the children more to reduce your childcare costs?


With an open mindset, you may find solutions that provide some relief without waiving owed child support. Every little bit helps chip away at the debt.

Explore State Assistance

Research state-level child support enforcement remedies that can help collect what’s past due. Wage garnishment, tax refund interception, license suspension, and passport denial are examples of enforcement tools states can use to motivate payment of arrears.


Understanding these options gives you more leverage when negotiating since you can explain what the state of Texas can do.

Pursue Legal Remedies

If your ex continues to breach the child support order after reasonable efforts to get voluntary compliance, formal legal action from a Fort Worth family law attorney and the courts may be necessary. Through the court system, you can pursue contempt charges, garnished wages, liens on assets, and other consequences for nonpayment of court-ordered support.


The goal should be compliance, not punishment. But legal remedies provide a structured path to ensure financial support owed to your children is paid. Consult with an attorney in Fort Worth, TX to weigh the pros and cons of aggressive enforcement.

Settle Back Child Support with Nilsson Legal Group

Having a co-parent who owes substantial back child support often requires difficult conversations and uncomfortable situations.


But by using a mix of understanding, formal agreements, creative compromises and legal enforcement tools, you can work toward getting the child support compliance needed to provide stability for your kids.


With patience and an open mind, you can hopefully improve both the child support payments and co-parenting relationship over time.


However, if problems persist, rely on the Fort Worth divorce lawyers of Nilsson Legal Group. Our experience with child support and navigating your way to successful payments can help ease some of the tension you’re experiencing.

Contact us today to learn more about our services by calling our office located at 930 W. 1st St in Fort Worth. Our telephone number is (817)953-6688.