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When Should You Call a Father’s Rights Lawyer in Fort Worth?

If you are a father going through a divorce or custody dispute over your children in the Fort Worth, TX, area, you may be wondering if you need to hire a father’s rights lawyer like me to protect your parental rights.


As a Fort Worth divorce lawyer, I’ve seen my share of cases and understand that divorce and custody battles can become contentious, especially when it comes to determining custody arrangements and visitation schedules.


Having an experienced father’s rights lawyer can make all the difference. Here are some signs it may be time to call on Nilsson Legal Group in Fort Worth, TX for help with your custody case.

You Feel Your Rights as a Parent Are Being Violated

As a father, you have certain legal parental rights regardless of whether you are married to the child’s mother. These rights include being involved in major decisions about your child’s welfare, spending meaningful time with your child, and having access to school and medical records.


If your child’s mother tries to cut off access to your child or excludes you from important choices regarding healthcare, education, or religion, it may be time to stand up for your rights as a dad with my team’s help.


Our attorneys can help you build a strong case against the obstacles your face and ensure you remain an equal parent, despite the spite of your ex.

Your Ex-Spouse Isn’t Complying with Your Informal Custody Arrangement

Sometimes, divorced or unmarried couples start off trying to manage custody arrangements, visitation schedules, and child support on their own informally without going to court.


I’ve seen these types of deals regularly break down over time if one parent fails to comply with the expectations.


For instance, if your ex suddenly stops letting you see your kids or frequently cancels your visitation at the last minute, don’t suffer in silence.


Call us today for reputable Fort Worth father's rights representation. Trust us to protect your rights as a dad. My team and I can help formalize a fair child custody and visitation schedule, which your ex-spousemust legally abide by.

You Disagree with the Current Custody and Visitation Schedule

Even if you have a formal custody arrangement ordered by the court, as circumstances change, you may decide the current schedule really isn’t in your child's best interests anymore.


For example, maybe your work schedule has shifted significantly, making the current visitation plan impractical. Or perhaps your child is old enough to express wanting more time with dad.


Don’t take matters into your own hands and violate the court order. Call our law firm so I can formally petition the court to modify the custody order in a way that works better for you and your kids.

You’re Concerned the Mother May Relocate with Your Child

One of the biggest fears divorced dads have is an ex deciding to move away with the children when the divorce is finalized.


Relocation disputes require legal intervention. If your ex mentions wanting to move to another city or state, even without a formal parenting plan, immediately call Nilsson Legal Group.


I can request the court prevent the other parent from moving by filing a temporary injunction while custody is resolved. Don’t wait, or you risk not seeing your kids for months.

Your Ex Makes False Accusations Against You

Unfortunately, contentious divorces and custody battles sometimes entail one parent making exaggerated or outright false accusations about the other parent being an unfit influence.


Mothers may accuse the father of things like drug addiction, child abuse, domestic violence, and more, which could restrict your custody rights.


Never ignore serious allegations like this, especially if they aren’t true. Call me right away to build your defense and advocacy strategy against bogus claims.

Choose a Trusted Father's Rights Lawyer

Going through a custody battle or divorce as a father while trying to look out for your children’s well-being can be immensely challenging. You don’t have to do it alone.


Trust Nilsson Legal Group in Fort Worth to bring a caring yet aggressive   Father’s Rights approach to your situation.


Whether negotiating an initial custody arrangement or fighting false allegations against you, legal guidance makes a big difference. Call today to schedule your free consultation at (817) 953-6688.
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