Newly Divorced couple builds puzzle with daughter

How to Build New Family Traditions after Divorce

Having traditions within a family unit is a way to form those core memories that children will look back on even when they’re adults.

When divorce enters the picture, this is something that can completely disrupt those traditions that were once so important.
Prenuptial Agreement on a table.

What are the Benefits to a Prenuptial Agreement?

Divorce is always a messy situation, but some agreements that wary couples can put in place help soften the negotiation blow and make even contested divorces a smoother situation.
Divorce Waiting Period in Texas

What Is the Divorce Waiting Period in Texas?

It is common for clients to want to know how quickly they can get divorced in Texas. A bad marriage can make anyone want to expedite the process. The State of Texas, however, has waiting periods and other time limits that can prolong the divorce process.
Divorcing Your Abusive Spouse

All You Need to Know About Divorcing Your Abusive Spouse

Unfortunately, not all marriages are healthy behind closed doors. Some involve several levels of domestic abuse that eventually lead to divorce or even more tragic endings.

Divorcing an abusive spouse can be a scary situation, but it is ultimately the right choice for you and your children.