Divorced Parents Arguing In Front Of Child

Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Joint Parenting Plan

As difficult and painful as a divorce is, nobody wants that anguish transmitting down to any children of the marriage. Every step should be taken by the courts and the parents to make sure the children are protected, no matter the situation of the divorce itself.
father holds newborn

In-depth Guide to Co-Parenting a Newborn Baby

Divorce is an unfortunate situation that occurs in about fifty percent of marriages today. When a divorce occurs between two people that peacefully part ways, the process is generally straightforward.
Child Custody & Visitation Document

The Most Common Violations of Child Visitation Orders

Going through a divorce can be a painful situation. However, the light at the end of a very dark tunnel for couples with children is that there are likely to be guaranteed visitation times with their kids.
Divorced Woman Studying To Go Back To College In Fort Worth Texas

Tips for Continuing Education After Divorce

After divorce, many people use their newfound freedom as an opportunity to do something new with their lives or completely reinvent themselves. 

While some may delve into travel, others may make more permanent changes in their lives, like going back to school.