Couple Getting Divorced In Fort Worth Texas

5 Horror Stories a Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Avoid

The idea of getting divorced and forging a life back on your own is scary enough, but there are several divorce situations that can make your divorce outright horrifying.

Fortunately, these issues are easily avoidable with the right divorce lawyer on your side. Here are 5 messy divorce situations that Nilsson Legal Group can help mitigate as we work with you through the divorce process.

1. Entering an Uncontested Divorce Without an Attorney

Even a divorce that starts with the best intentions can quickly turn sour. From child custody disagreements to difficulties determining the actual amount of shared assets a couple has, you don’t want to enter an uncontested divorce without a divorce attorney.

While it’s possible that your uncontested divorce goes off without a hitch, it’s always a good idea to have a divorce lawyer on hand to review all documents and agreements before the finalization of your divorce.

2. Making Hasty, Long-Lasting Decisions

Divorce is full of decisions that can massively impact your life in the long term. Sleepless nights and general stress can lead to poor decision-making like signing an unfair agreement just to get the situation over with.

A divorce lawyer can help you carefully review all divorce documents and ensure any decision you make is one that falls in your best interests.

3. An Unfair Property Battle

Many divorces involve the question of “Who gets the house?” While it may seem great to own a house as a couple, owning a home on your own could be financially stressful or even an impossible situation if the house has fallen into disrepair or is already in foreclosure.

Divorce lawyers can help navigate you through the property division process and let all parties understand your financial abilities and whether leaving you with the house or other piece of expensive property is a fair and equal solution.

4. Sneaky Fraudulent Actions

Sometimes divorcing spouses don’t end on the best terms and one ex can commit fraud against the other. Whether this is having a secret bank account that no one knows about or waiting until after the divorce is final to sell a company that would have otherwise been split, the consequences of fraudulent actions can be dire.

A great divorce lawyer can thoroughly review all aspects of your divorce and dig deep to prevent any potential fraudulent activity that could be going on behind the scenes.

5. Spousal Intimidation

We’ve all made mistakes, but unless they were particularly heinous, they won’t have a massive impact on your child custody or visitation rights. Many people enter divorce hoping to avoid issues like an affair or DUI from surfacing and tarnishing their reputation. 

Without a lawyer on your side, it’s easy for your spouse to let you think that your mistakes will ruin your chances of happiness after your divorce. This could lead to unfair settlements or those rushed decisions we talked about earlier.

Whatever your past may be, we advise you to let it all out with your lawyer. We can guide you through the consequences of your past mistakes and help you understand how they could actually impact your divorce.

Keep the Scares Out of Your Divorce With Nilsson Legal Group

If you are about to enter a divorce, make sure to have experienced Fort Worth divorce lawyers in your ring. The divorce lawyers of Nilsson Legal Group have had success with overcoming all types of divorce obstacles. Trust us to be your light in the dark and help your divorce results land in your favor.

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