Child custody during coronavirus

Coronavirus and Your Child Custody Orders

From court closures to shelter in place orders tentatively wrapping up soon, it’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on the citizens of Fort Worth. This has been a time of questions with few succinct answers, and the reality is, we don’t know how the endgame is going to play out.

However, as far as legalities go with your divorce orders and child custody agreement, the Nilsson Legal Group can help clear up any questions you may have. Child custody is one of the larger issues that could get a parent or guardian in trouble if the law isn’t properly followed.

Here are a couple of the most asked questions and some of the legal guidelines and advice that go with them.

Can I Keep My Child if I Fear for Their Health Safety?

According to the Texas Supreme Court, your right to possession and access to your child is based on the current court orders from your divorce or SAPCR. In other words, no, your visitation is not legally impacted by any shelter in place or other emergency orders that pertain to COVID-19.

If you feel like a member of your ex’s household is at-risk of getting coronavirus or already has the illness, you run a high legal risk of being in contempt of court if you keep your child beyond your ordered visitation. It is usually best to seek legal action to get ahead of any potential issues so that everything is handled in a manner that protects you in family court.

Try to Work it Out

If your court order has deemed that it’s okay for you and your ex to agree on changes of possession and access to your children, then you may be able to amicably resolve the situation for the time being.

No matter what your feelings are between each other, always remember, your children’s safety comes first. If you and your ex are able to come together and figure out a safe solution, some methods for allowing your children to keep in touch with your ex can include:

  • Daily phone calls
  • Zoom sessions
  • Text messages

Issuing an Emergency Custody Order

Normally, when parents can’t agree on custody, court intervention via a court ordered change is necessary. However, due to COVID-19, many courts are closed until further notice. Although doors are closed, some judges are operating on an emergency basis.

Should you find yourself in a situation where your ex won’t budge on any safety propositions you offer them during the pandemic, we recommend reaching out to your lawyer to start the emergency custody process.

Stay in Legal Touch With the Nilsson Legal Group

Remember, there aren’t any official nationwide rules for dealing with child custody issues during COVID-19. As developments involving legal issues in divorces during COVID-19 occur, trust the Nilsson Legal Group to have the knowledge you’ll need on your day in divorce court. Our family law attorneys are ready to help you gain the best representation as you navigate through custody, spousal support, and any other issue that arises in your divorce.

We are still taking clients during the COVID-19 pandemic and practice all necessary social distancing measures to keep you and your family safe. Contact us today to learn more about our legal services.