Different Types of Divorce

The Pros and Cons of Different Divorce Processes

Every divorce has its unique qualities and reasonings behind the separation. Therefore, it only makes sense that there are equally unique ways to approach the divorce process.

From traditional litigation to trying to get divorced on your own, there are several considerations to heed when trying to make the right decisions for you and your family.

As Fort Worth’s leading divorce attorneys, we are here to take a look at the pros and cons of each potential divorce process in order to help you ensure your divorce is a clean, fresh start.

Litigated Divorce

When it comes to a contested divorce, the litigated process is the best approach for either party. During a litigated divorce, each spouse hires a divorce lawyer to help them reach the best settlement at the end of the divorce.

Pros of a Litigated Divorce

  • Not all litigated divorces go to trial
  • Legal professionals can help settle any decisions the parties can’t agree to

Cons of a Litigated Divorce

  • Can be a prolonged process, depending on the circumstances of the divorce
  • Can be an expensive method without proper research before selecting the right divorce lawyer

Collaborative Divorce

During a collaborative divorce, once again, both parties hire their own attorneys. However, the difference in these cases is that both legal professionals work together to help guide the divorcing spouses towards a fair and equitable divorce decree.

Pros of a Collaborative Divorce

  • Typically a faster process
  • Is a less expensive divorce approach
  • Rarely ends in a trial

Cons of a Collaborative Divorce

  • The process can be difficult if both parties aren’t willing to compromise
  • The process can result in unfair outcomes if one attorney is more experienced than the other

Mediated Divorce

Mediation is another divorce approach that has risen in popularity amongst divorcing couples. These situations usually occur when both parties have an idea of what they can agree on and the divorce is deemed uncontested.

During a mediated divorce, the parties make important divorce decisions through a neutral third-party mediator. In some cases, the mediator is a divorce lawyer and in some, it isn’t. If you want a mediation process that ends with both parties walking away satisfied, we recommend working with a divorce lawyer that’s experienced with mediation and neutral negotiation.

Pros of Mediated Divorce

  • They can be a more cordial situation
  • There is the possibility for more control over negotiation topics
  • It can be a faster and more affordable solution

Cons of Mediated Divorce

  • Mediated divorces aren’t always mediated through a divorce lawyer. An inexperienced mediator may result in problems with your divorce agreements down the line.
  • Both parties must be willing to negotiate or the process can completely fall apart

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