Uncontested Divorce Decree In Fort Worth

Top Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult things any married couple may endure, and an uncontested divorce may be the best way to reduce the stress, cost, and indignity of the process. Before you file your paperwork and begin the divorce process, you may want to learn the benefits of an uncontested divorce.

Remember that an uncontested divorce is just one option, but it’s something to consider before your lawyer files the paperwork.

Lower Your Divorce Costs

Lawyers charge their clients based on how much time they spend on a case, and an uncontested divorce often requires less time spent by the lawyer, which can mean a lower overall cost. When a divorce is contested, and there are several rounds of paperwork sent between the parties, the costs can skyrocket.

An uncontested divorce means less time, less paperwork, and lower fees from the attorneys, as well as the court. Each time a lawyer must send a document to the court, he or she will charge the client for the work and the time spent submitting the paperwork. In most cases, an uncontested divorce will be the more affordable option when compared to a contested divorce.

Faster Timeline to Completion

A divorce isn’t instant, and it takes some time to complete all the steps necessary to finalize the proceedings. An uncontested divorce generally means that there are no lengthy submissions to the court where the parties must wait for a decision from the judge on things like child custody and child support.

Not only does a faster resolution mean that the divorce costs less, but it also means that there are fewer trips to the court for the couple and the family law attorney, which can reduce the animosity and stress that might build up during a lengthy divorce case. A quick timeline means that the former couple can move on with their lives and embark on a new chapter without the stress of a years-long divorce battle.

Lower Stress

In and of itself, a divorce is a stressful event that pushes many people to seek out counseling and other emotional remedies. A long, contested divorce that drags on for more than a year can make it incredibly difficult to move on from the marriage, and an uncontested divorce can help a couple exit the marriage with their sanity intact and an equitable asset division.

Stress is virtually always going to be a factor in divorce, but an uncontested and fast divorce is going to be one of the best options for keeping stress at a level where it doesn’t make you physically sick or negatively impact your day-to-day life. Stress can lead you to make bad decisions that can have disastrous consequences when those bad decisions are made during a divorce.

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