Woman Getting Divorced Posting On Social Media

4 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid During Your Divorce

A divorce is a tumultuous time for any couple. One outlet people often use to vent and feel better about life is social media. Although we agree that it can be healthy to discuss your divorce with your trusted support group of family and friends, going wild on social media can lead to devastating complications during your divorce.

Pics and References to Your Mid-Divorce Shenanigans

Sometimes the stress of divorce can get to a person and they decide to hit the town a little too hard. If partying is your prerogative at this time in your life, please, leave it off of social media. Pictures or references to you performing keg stands or other wild acts could lead to an unfavorable outcome if your case involves child custody.

Your goal in your divorce is to express stability in order to earn a favorable outcome. Putting your social life on display can quickly damage your reputation in the courts. So please, keep your personal life private.

Don’t Discuss Your Divorce Online

Don’t post constant updates about the terms of your divorce online. Whether it be a blog post or a Twitter blurb, your words can and will be used against you as admissible evidence in the courts.

Therefore, if you have something to get off of your chest, reach out to a close family member or friend. Let your concerns out there, and not on a platform that can easily be accessed by the courts.

Don’t Harass Your Ex Via Messenger

Once again, messenger messages can easily be used as admissible evidence in court. It’s not an issue to text your ex if you’re open to a civil conversation. However, lashing out because you are unhappy with the idea of divorce is never a smart option.

If you’re in the middle of a contested divorce and have the urge to really show your spouse up on messenger or text, think about how the judge or your spouse’s divorce lawyer would react if they read your message.

Flaunting Your Money and Purchases

If child support, spousal support, and other financial issues are on the line during your divorce, do not flaunt any big purchases online. If you decide to post an image of that new car or flat screen TV, two problems can arise during your divorce.

  1. Your income level can come into doubt
  2. Flaunting your wealth could result in you having to pay higher maintenance or child support if your ex claims financial difficulties.

Keep Your Social Media Clean With the Help of Nilsson Legal Group

During a divorce, it can be easy to get yourself in trouble on social media. The family law attorneys of Nilsson Legal Group can help you through your divorce without facing the difficulties that social media creates.

If you and your spouse are going through a particularly difficult divorce, our legal team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and start your road to marital freedom.