Divorced Parents Arguing In Front Of Child

How to Help Your Children Cope With Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy for a couple. However, a couple with children presents an entirely different set of challenges.

Divorce is a time when emotions run high and your children may find themselves wondering how they’ll come out of this process on the other side. Sometimes pressing legal matters accidentally lead to parents failing to see the signs that their children aren’t coping well during the divorce.

Don’t let the signs slip by. Get proactive and remember to put your children first at this time. Here are some ways you can help your children cope with the difficulty of your separation.

Encourage Open Conversation

Once the divorce process starts is when open conversation should become the norm between you and your children. There are going to be some difficult conversations to be had, so let them know you’re available to listen and talk about any concerns they may have.

Make Their Feelings Legitimate

This invitation to honest conversation shows that their feelings mean something to you during this time. It’s a huge step towards dealing with divorce in a healthy manner for both you and your children.

When their emotions run high, let them know you see this. Start the conversation with a phrase like, “I know you’re upset…” then lead into asking them why and legitimize their feelings. Let them unload their emotions and only then, should you step in with thoughts on how to solve their problem.

Don’t Bad Mouth the Other Parent

Although you may be upset with your future-ex, it’s likely that your children have no reason to pick sides. Your children learn from how you act during your divorce, and if they see you talking badly about their other parent, your family may face even further difficulties post-divorce.

This isn’t to say you can’t admit when you’re upset or frustrated with a situation, but try to emphasize that it’s the situation that you’re upset about. This allows you to express your emotions while not completely tarnishing the way your children view your spouse.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Child custody and other negotiations can put a real toll on how stress impacts your life.This can lead to angry outbursts and other unhealthy behavior that will impact your children’s view of the situation.

Take care of yourself and destress with exercise, eating healthy, and engaging in family activities with your children when you aren’t focused on the details of your divorce. Taking action to keep stress away ensures that your children get the right attention during this difficult time in your family’s lives.

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