Fort Worth Divorce Negotiation Tactics

5 Negotiation Tips for a Smoother Divorce Process

One of the biggest headaches of a divorce for any couple in Fort Worth, TX trying to avoid a court judgment is the dread of negotiations while finalizing a divorce settlement. From child custody to property division, there are several steps of negotiation on the stairway to the end of your divorce.

Don’t get caught up in any traps and get left with nothing. Follow our 5 divorce negotiation tips that will help you reach favorable outcomes for your divorce in Tarrant County Court.   

Truly Be “Ready” for Your Divorce

A divorce is one of the most emotionally draining experiences for anyone to go through. However, before you enter negotiations, make sure that you are ready for this divorce to happen and are strategically prepared for the talks and mental gymnastics that are on their way.

Entering negotiations with anger, revenge, and resentment in mind only leads to emotional, sloppy moves that could leave you agreeing to a final settlement that doesn’t fall into your favor at all.

Try to Emotionally Detach Yourself From Shared Assets

Approach your negotiations as a business transaction rather than you and your spouse splitting up emotional pieces of your past life that you desperately want to hold onto. Much like releasing your anger in negotiations, releasing your emotional attachment to property and assets can help you simplify the division process and ensure a fair and just settlement at the end of the day.

Steer Away From the Hard Bargains

Be ready to be open to negotiation. If you enter the process with a “my way or the highway” stance, the chances are you’re going to end up drawing out your divorce and ending up with even higher legal fees and unpleasant emotions.

Unless your spouse has already agreed to being passive in the divorce and agreeing to all of your demands, be prepared for a cold and frustrating stalemate.

Don’t Obliterate Your Relationship With Your Ex-Spouse

Regardless of how you feel about your soon-to-be-ex, you’re likely to have to deal with them again after your divorce is finalized; this is especially true if your divorce involves children and child custody negotiations. 

So, once again, don’t charge into your negotiations like a bull in a china shop. While you can remain firm on your desires, we encourage trying to preserve some semblance of empathy in order to make the bargaining process a smoother, less tense experience. 

Remaining logical and aware of why your spouse may want certain things out of your divorce could help you gain some leverage when the issues that matter to you reach the negotiation table.

Be Prepared for Unfair Tactics

You may be fully prepared to have some calm sit-downs but your spouse could be eager to fight dirty. Work with a divorce lawyer to better understand coercive tactics and how you can approach them without exacerbating the situation.

As some free advice, some unfair approaches your spouse may try to take advantage of include the following:

  • Lies
  • Threats
  • Personal attacks 
  • Unnecessary guilt during negotiations
  • Demand escalation
  • Refusal to negotiate, and more!

New Start with Nilsson Legal Group

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