Valentine's Day for Co-Parents

Post-Divorce Valentine’s Day Fun for Co-Parents

After a contested divorce, Valentine’s Day can easily seem like a holiday worth forgetting. While many newly single couples are liable to stay in or go out for a night on the town with friends, divorced couples that co-parent face entirely different situations.

If Valentine’s Day is your holiday to spend with your children, make the most of it and spread the love with these fun Valentine’s Day activities to do with your children as a co-parent.

Craft Valentines Cards for the Other Parent

Your kids and your ex-spouse may still have a very special bond with each other after your divorce. In the spirit of letting your children’s love shine on Valentine’s Day, provide them with the arts and crafts materials they can use to create special valentine cards for you and your ex-spouse.

Keeping the peace is important between co-parents and little acts of kindness like this can go far in your new arrangement.

Read a Poem About Kindness

Depending on how aggressive your divorce was, your children may have unwittingly been exposed to several arguments and unkind words between you and your ex-spouse.

This may be the perfect time to look up poems or stories about love and kindness to share with your children. Reminding them of the love that exists in the world around them can help start to heal any emotional wounds you and your family may have built up during your divorce.

Make a Special Valentine’s Day Meal

Cooking is always the way to the heart. If you have older kids that you’re co-parenting with, preparing a homemade meal can be a great way to bond and show each other some love on this holiday. Whether you make a family favorite or learn something new together, creating something together on Valentine’s Day can always bring a family closer.

Enjoy Dinner and a Movie Together

Dinner out and a movie is always a traditional Valentine’s Day activity you can enjoy with your kids. Pick a favorite restaurant, an age-appropriate flick, and have a fun night on the town with your kiddos!

Talk About the Love in Your Family

Although your family dynamic is now drastically different, you’re still a family that loves each other. Take some time this Valentine’s Day to sit down with your kids and talk about the things that you all love about each other.

Don’t forget your ex-spouse. Even though you may not be on the best personal terms, your children still love them and should feel comfortable expressing this love in front of you.

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