Divorced Mother Sending Son Back To School

Back to School Tips During Divorce

Divorce is an event that has a huge impact on a family. If you have children involved in the process, then you already know that every decision you make must be in their best interest.

This has never been a more important matter as schools begin to resume after a lengthy hiatus due to COVID-19. If you and your ex-spouse plan on co-parenting as part of child custody agreement, you want to make this time of the year as comfortable as possible.

Here are some quick tips to consider when drafting a co-parenting plan that involves keeping your children well-grounded at school.

Be Open to Transparent Communication

Even if you and your ex aren’t on the best of terms after your divorce, maintaining direct and open communication throughout the school year is essential. In a joint-custody arrangement, your children are going to be back and forth between the two of you.

If information about their school schedule, after school activities or anything else essential arises while the other parent isn’t around, it’s your responsibility to keep them in the know. This keeps your child on schedule and starts your school year off on the right track.

Keep A Google Calendar

If you don’t want to have to be in constant communication with your ex, create a Google calendar that is viewable by everyone in the family. This is especially important if your children are involved in sports or any other extracurricular activities. Make sure no one misses a performance or meeting this year, no matter which parent they are with.

Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences as a Team

Although schools do allow parents to schedule separate parent-teacher conferences upon request, it’s generally a better situation for everyone involved if both parents are at the same conference.

This shows that despite your family’s situation, you’re all still a team and ready to do whatever it takes to ensure your children’s educational success. Send the best message you can to your children and their teachers this year by putting education before any past grudges.

Keep the First Day of School Positive

If you can both be there to see your children off at their first day of school, do so! As tough as this may be for the newly divorced parent, it sends off a strong message to your children of support and love.

If you or your ex simply cannot be there for the first day of school, take pictures and share them with your ex as a common courtesy, showing that even through adversity, your family is still a team.

Discuss Guidelines and Obligations as Co-Parents

Since your children will be at your home and your ex’s during the school year, now is the time to have a discussion with your ex-spouse to lay down the essential ground rules. After all, children work better on a schedule.

So, if you and your ex can come up with comparable rules regarding homework and general school year rules (i.e. bedtime, discipline, etc.), your child should have a well-rounded school year without any educational schedule surprises for you or your ex.

Create the Perfect Co-Parenting Plan with the Nilsson Group

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