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Early Warning Signs of a Looming Divorce

No one ever wants to admit that their happy marriage is quickly going downhill. However, some marriages may be on the path to separation before huge red flags like physical affairs or abuse arise.

If you notice any of these issues in your marriage, they could be the sign of an impending divorce or an issue that you and your spouse should start working on if you want your marriage to last.

Mismatched Financial Habits

Money is often one of the biggest reasons behind a divorce. Fortunately, it’s easy to identify when one spouse has a spending problem and the other is a bit more frugal. If you catch this issue early on in your marriage, you could get on the same fiscal page together with a little financial counseling or practice.

However, if poor financial management is a constant fight that never gets an attempt at resolution, divorce could be something you and your spouse face in the future.

You’ve Turned to Someone Else for Trust

Everyone has friends, but your spouse should be your go-to source of emotional and physical comfort in your marriage.

If you find that they’ve breached your trust or you no longer emotionally connect with them, you could seek someone else to fill your emotional void.

Emotional cheating is something that can be as damaging as a physical affair. If you realize that you’re using another person for total trust, your marriage may be on the rocks.

Physical Ailments

When a marriage starts to go south, it can take a toll on the body before a couple even realizes divorce is in their future.

Stress from a struggling marriage can often result in physical issues like gray hairs, high blood pressure, hair loss, or ulcers.

Addiction Problems

Sometimes it’s just easier for people to turn to their own vices when an issue arises in their marriage. A cigarette and drink now and then shouldn’t be problematic. However, if you find that a coping mechanism like alcohol, food, or smoking becomes a constant go-to, your marriage could lead to an addiction that ends in divorce.

Constant Criticism

Many couples use constructive criticism to help their partner be their best self and live life honestly. However, if you find yourself in a marriage where criticism only comes with blame and no resolution or love, it won’t take long for your marriage to start feeling like a battle zone.

Once your household no longer resembles a loving home due to constant criticism, it’s easy to view divorce as the best option for a happy ending.

Lack of Common Interests

You and your spouse probably hit it off because you shared common interests. Yet, if over time, interests have shifted and you and your spouse always perform your hobbies separately, this could be a sign of a deeper rift that, if left unresolved, could impact your marriage.

Repeat Reconciliations

If you’ve had to continually discuss a partner’s spending habits, social practices, or any other “fixable” issue, this is an unfortunate warning sign of an impending divorce.

Eventually, working to repair the same problems will become a problem in itself, leading to contempt, arguments, and, most likely, divorce.

Disagreements Over Parenting

Children and the disagreements arising from having or trying to start a family can lead to divorce. If you and your spouse constantly find yourselves on opposing sides regarding having children, child discipline, or child development practices, these are huge red flags that, without professional guidance, your marriage could be in trouble.

Deciding to Divorce

If you’ve recognized any warning signs in your marriage and know that divorce is inevitable, it’s time to reach out to a Fort Worth divorce lawyer who can help in all marital situations.

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