Losing a Friend

How to Handle Friendships During Your Divorce

A divorce disrupts every aspect of your life. Although questions about child custody and property will be top of mind during a Fort Worth divorce, you’ll soon realize that your social life may be altered. 

Many of your current friendships are based on your status as a couple. Your decoupling will have an impact on friendships. This fact presents yet another issue to navigate, but it does not have to be as dramatic or troubling as you might fear.

A Fort Worth divorce lawyer could serve as a resource as you deal with the emotional ups and downs of the divorce process. On top of everything else, keep the following advice in mind as the upheaval affects your social life.

Don’t Force Friends to Choose Sides

Loyalty is a big part of friendship. Your first impulse could be to rally your closest friends as allies against your spouse. Your emotional needs in this regard are valid, but you should consider that your friends may not harbor ill will toward the person you’re leaving. 

They are likely uncomfortable with the situation and confused about how to act around either of you. Your best bet for limiting turmoil is to limit your friends’ involvement in the day-to-day details of the divorce.

Supportive FriendEmbrace Those Who Reach Out

You can expect some friends in your network to naturally gravitate to you. They will want to know how you are coping and be there as part of your support system when you shift your life in a new direction. Welcome these friends with open arms because they are showing you the true spirit of friendship.

Acknowledge Some May Prefer Your Ex-Spouse

You already know that some of your friends are actually closer to your spouse than you. Although you might feel betrayed when people reach out to your ex-spouse instead of you, you’ll find peace in just letting people do what they want. As any family law attorney will tell you, a divorce is a time to be practical and focus on your future financial well-being. You’ll have enough on your plate without fretting about the preferences of your friends.

Accept you May Lose Friends

Friend groups for married people are very couple-centric. When you cease being one half of a couple, some of your friends might honestly not know how to include you anymore. This will feel isolating. It is important to nurture connections with the people who remain inclusive toward you.

Make New Friends

Some friendships will survive your divorce. Others will drift away from your life. However, moving on from your marriage will introduce new opportunities to meet people. As time passes, you’ll forge a new social group that no longer revolves around your marriage.

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