social media to avoid during a divorce

Social Media Actions to Avoid During a Divorce

Divorce itself is a difficult situation. Throw in issues like asset division and child custody, and there are even further complications for a divorcing couple to deal with. Before you decide that the stress is too much and it’s time vent to your friends online, take heed of these social media habits that could ruin your chances of a divorce decree that swings in your favor.

Don’t Air Out Your Ex’s Dirty Laundry During Your Divorce

Despite what your ex may have done, letting the world know about your feelings about them won’t help your situation. You may feel tempted to let out any dirty secrets they’ve confided in you, however, these actions could cost you the desired settlement. Aside from losing out in the big picture, your family law attorney will also have to perform extra damage control, which will ultimately add to your legal fees.

Don’t Dish Out Everything on Facebook

We know how painful divorce can be and sometimes, you may feel the need to use your social media as an open book to your emotions. While we aren’t saying you can’t post emotionally-driven statuses, we do ask you to be wary.

Unless your page is set to private, your soon-to-be ex’s attorney definitely has their eye on your social media outlets. They will use your posts as proof against you and could twist the narrative resulting in lost child custody or other divorce outcomes.

Keep Any Negotiations Offline

If you know you’ll be diving property or other marital assets, don’t post your details about these negotiations online. Posting this kind of information could easily expose your potential negotiations and open the door for opposing attorneys to make even further plans against your tactics. Our best advice is to avoid talking about asset division until you’ve signed your decree and the dust of your divorce has settled.

Put Your Insta in Check

When child custody is on the table, anything and everything will be used against you. When it comes to visual social media platforms like Instagram and SnapChat, people love to document their nights out on the town. While you may be excited about dating new people or celebrating your soon to be single life, it’s best to not promote your actions on social media. Unfortunately, these types of posts and photos are enough for your ex’s family law attorney to argue that you’re unfit for custody.

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