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4 Tips for Co-Parenting After a Contested Divorce

Divorce is never an easy experience, but unfortunately, for those who deal with a heavily contested divorce, the emotions rarely die down once a judge issues your divorce decree.

This is especially true for divorcing couples who have a child custody provision in their decree. For couples where one of the co-parents is manipulative and just not willing to make amends for the children, here are some co-parenting tips that will make your post-divorce life substantially less stressful.

It’s Always Helpful to Accept That They Won’t Change

This is easier said than done, but it really is the first step towards comfort in a difficult co-parenting situation. Most of the stress that occurs in a conflicted co-parenting relationship stems from both parties being unable to control how their ex acts after the divorce.

Instead of trying to change your ex, try to accept that change is something only they can accomplish on their own. For the time being, turn the other cheek to their conflicting attitude and focus on how you can react in a way that doesn’t create a negative situation for your children.

Set Boundaries on Your End

Every divorced parent has the temptation to be the “fun” one who breaks the rules the other parent has in place. This is especially common in contested divorces where one parent isn’t on great terms with the other.

If your ex begins to act out in this way with your children, remember, you cannot change them, only how you react. Children thrive on a consistent schedule. So, while you may seem like the “mean” parent because you have hard boundaries set at your house, we guarantee that it is the healthiest action you could take towards your children’s development during this difficult time.

Keep Conversations Off of the Phone

Angry exes thrive on getting the opposing spouse worked up on heated phone calls. You can avoid this situation by simply not answering the phone when they call and regulating all conversations between them via text or email.

Not only is this a physical form of proof for a conversation, but it also provides you with the opportunity to reflect on what your ex says and gives you the time to respond in a calm manner that hopefully leads to a resolution of the issue.

Always Put Your Children First

Finally, no matter the approach that you take to make co-parenting a smoother experience, remember that your responsibility as a parent is to put your children’s best interests first. Once you do this, your children will begin to heal from the divorce and you will eventually be able to work out a smoother co-parenting experience within your household.

Take Co-Parenting by the Reins with Nilsson Legal Group

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