Top Actions to Avoid After Your Divorce

Top Actions to Avoid After Your Divorce is Finalized

Some people believe that once their divorce is finalized, it’s time to quickly move on into their new life. The truth is, however, that the shadow of divorce looms heavily, and influences many of “first” decisions after divorce papers are signed.

Unfortunately, raw feelings or a poor divorce decree outcome could lead to some emotionally and financially costly decisions if a recent divorcee doesn’t tread lightly.

Here are some of the top actions to avoid taking after your divorce is finalized.

Make Your Kids Choose Sides

If your divorce involves co-parenting with your ex-spouse, the last thing you want to do is talk badly about them in front of your children or force your children into picking sides during any arguments.

Remember, although your ex may not be in your good graces they are still “Mom” or “Dad” to your children and are likely very loved. Putting your children in the middle of any squabble can quickly lead to animosity against either parent that influences your family’s relationships for years to come.

Dating or Hooking Up With An Ex

After a divorce, you may be emotionally vulnerable and could consider jumping right back into the dating scene. Unfortunately, people tend to gravitate toward familiarity and could find themselves back in the arms of an ex from before their failed marriage.

Remember, they were an ex for a reason, and rekindling this intimacy could bring you right back into another bad situation.

While dating isn’t something that you should avoid altogether, it’s always best to start your new dating life with a completely clean slate where you call the shots.

Avoiding Counseling

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for anyone. No matter how your divorce turns out, it’s always best to enroll in some form of therapy.

Actively avoiding counseling could result in poor decisions that impact your life in the long term and don’t allow you to properly talk out your divorce issues and heal from the experience.

Make Financially Rash Decisions

With a change in household income and inevitable legal bills, finances can get tight directly after a divorce. So, if you think that maxing out your credit cards or buying that fancy new car can help you push away any lingering negative divorce feelings, the truth is, rash purchases only leave you in a bad place.

Yes, it’s okay to treat yourself every now and then after your divorce. Just make sure that your purchases are strictly within your means. You are in charge of yourself now. So, make sure to start off the new responsibilities right with financial moves that positively affect your future.

Oversharing on Social Media

Despite the potentially dirty details surrounding your divorce, you want to come out of the situation as clean as possible. This means you should continue following your lawyer’s device, and forget about dragging your ex through the mud on social media.

Not only is this an awful look for you, but it could impact your personal and professional relationships, and also let the actions of your ex-spouse continue to prevent you from moving on to a more emotionally stable state.

Actively Acting Out Against Your Ex

Remember, even though you may want them completely out of your life, you may have children, friends, or life events that inevitably put you and your ex-spouse in the same location together.

In order to make these situations as painless and as “normal” as possible, avoid acting out against your ex while they aren’t around. By continually playing an antagonistic role in their lives, you’re only bound to make an already uncomfortable situation extremely unpleasant when you do end up in a face-to-face meeting.

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