How to Announce Divorce to Your Parents

How to Announce a Divorce to Your Parents and In-Laws

When a couple in Fort Worth, Texas decides that it’s time to move into a divorce, one of the biggest conversations is breaking the news of the separation to their children.

Kids aren’t the only important family members that need to know about your divorce, and one often dreaded conversation is informing parents and in-laws of your decision.

Before you decide that it’s time to have the talk with your parents, review our tips that can help make the conversation less stressful.

Have the Talk As Soon As You Can

Regardless of your nerves surrounding this important conversation, it’s always better to let your parents know about your divorce sooner than later.

While you may feel like you’re disappointing them with your announcement, they’ll be even more upset if they find out about your divorce from someone else.

So, make sure that your parents make the shortlist right behind your children when you and your spouse begin to announce your divorce plans.

Break the News at the Right Time

Make sure you and your spouse are level-headed and prepared to have this conversation calmly with your parents. Divorce is a topic that requires a lot of reflection and can be a roller coaster of emotions for everyone involved.

So, we suggest having the talk on a Saturday morning so they have the weekend to ask you more questions, offer support, and take in the news. Avoid doing so during a family gathering, during the holidays, or randomly at a public location.

Make sure the conversation is face-to-face and scheduled when you and your parents can talk alone for an extended period of time.

Limit the Details

Plan out your conversation and remember, you don’t have to delve into every detail behind why you want a divorce.

Your parents may have a lot of questions, however, if you aren’t comfortable answering some of the more personal queries, don’t be afraid to say so.

Also, if you are having the conversation shortly after you’ve started the divorce process, you may not even have all of the answers for details like:

  • Where you’re going to move
  • What is going to happen with the kids
  • How you are going to divide large assets

Avoid the Blame Game

Your parents are your parents and will always be protective of you during your time of need. It only makes sense that they’d get defensive regarding your divorce.

When you talk about divorce with them, make sure to focus on wanting a healthier future and not blatantly blaming your ex for the divorce.

Avoiding blame helps ease the difficulty of the announcement because your parents will see that you’ve come to terms with the situation and are more likely to be supportive rather than vindictive against your ex after learning the news.

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