How to Plan the Perfect Vacation as a Co-Parent

How to Plan the Perfect Vacation as a Co-Parent

Although spring break has passed for many schools, recently divorced parents may be thinking about planning their first family vacation with their children.

If you are part of a co-parenting plan, scheduling a co-parenting vacation isn’t as simple as selecting flights and packing your bags.

In order to keep the peace and ensure everyone is on board with your co-parenting vacation plans, follow these tips for a successful getaway.

Remember to Plan Far in Advance

Let your ex-spouse know that you want to take your children on vacation as soon as you know you are ready to start solidifying your trip. The farther in advance you plan the vacation and inform your ex, the greater the likelihood that your co-parenting arrangement won’t hit any unexpected snags.

Keep in mind that a vacation is always a question and not a demand. Demanding that you take your children on vacation can only lead to a greater emotional chasm between you, your ex-spouse, and your children.

Ask Your Children

While we’re on the topic of asking, make sure to ask your children if they want to go on vacation with you. Ensure that your children’s needs are considered, and that your tentative trip isn’t something that interferes with their own wants.

Stay Flexible and Prepare to Compromise

Remember, you can’t have your way every time as a co-parent. So, flexibility and compromise are paramount. If the moment arrives where you need to be flexible and shift your plans to work with your co-parent’s plans, do so if the vacation is something you truly want for you and your children.

While you may have to make a compromise, don’t forget to remind your ex that you’re doing so and would hope they would make a compromise in the future if your plans don’t align with theirs.

Ask About Sharing Costs

If you are the co-parent that is being left at home while your ex and children travel, keep the costs of the trip and activities in mind. Even if you and your ex aren’t on the best terms, you don’t want to let your emotions get in the way of your children’s enjoyment.

If possible, ask where you can financially contribute to the trip in order to ensure that your family enjoys their time away. Whether it’s paying for a flight or a couple of theme park tickets, a little effort can go a long way towards a great memory for your children and ex-spouse.

Do Not Schedule Conflicts

For co-parents who just can’t seem to see eye to eye, a planned vacation can easily feel like a power move from an ex. In most cases, it isn’t, and your ex-spouse just wants to experience some family fun in a new setting.

So, do not try to block your ex’s plans at every move with your own conflicting activities. This will only increase the animosity between the two of you and could prevent your children from having an experience they deserve after a difficult divorce.

Tackle Co-Parenting Vacations the Right Way

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